NonStop Ent takes 10 from Sundance and Berlin including Grand Jury Prize winner

NonStop Ent has acquired some of the most acclaimed and eyebrow rising titles from Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale. Among them are Grand Jury Prize winner US Documentary Weiner, Rosemary Myers' acclaimed Girl Asleep, Ira Sachs' coming-of-age drama Little Men, Mia Hansen-Løve's new film with Isabelle Huppert and the shocking documentary Tickled!.

"We are looking forward to an awesome film year with possibly the strongest line-up we ever had after these two festivals. With amazing dramas and mindblowing documentaries we will make the Scandinavian and Baltic audience happy" says Jakob Abrahamsson, CEO of NonStop Entertainment.

NonStop Entertainments acquired titles:

Wiener-Dog - written and directed by Todd Solondz. Starring Greta Gerwig, Danny DeVito & Julie Delpy This film tells several stories featuring people who find their life inspired or changed by one particular dachshund, who seems to be spreading comfort and joy. Premiered at the SundanceFilm Festival. Acquired from Annapurna for Scandinavia, Iceland & Baltics.

Weiner - by Josh Kriegman & Elyse Steinberg. Politician Anthony Weiner's second fall from grace receives a close-up look in this tense behind-the-scenes portrait named by Indiewire as ”the Best Documentary About a Political Campaign Ever Made”. The Grand Jury Prize winner US Documentary atSundance. Acquired from Submarine for Scandi, Iceland & Baltics.

Little Men - Ira Sachs’ coming-of-age drama that grapples with topics such as class and gentrification. Starring Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Ehle and Paulina Garcia. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it drew strong reviews and screened at the Berlinale. Acquired from Mongrel for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics.  

Girl Asleep – Rosemary Myers’ critically acclaimed strange, savvy, big-hearted teen adventure starring Bethany Whitmore, Harrison Feldman, Matthew Whittet & Amber McMahon. The film has laudatory critical attention at the Berlinale.
Acquired from Memento for Scandinavia & the Baltics.  

Things to come (“L’Avenir”) - directed by Mia Hansen-Løve starring Isabelle Huppert who plays a philosophy professor in a later life crisis. The  smart, earnest drama has received raving reviews. In competition at the Berlinale.
Acquired from Les films du Losange for Nordic & the Baltics.  

The Fits – director Anna Rose Holmer’s debut is an abstract portrait of adolescent emotional dynamics. Starring Royalty Hightower playing an 11-year-old tomboy trapped between two worlds. Acquired from Mongrel for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics.  

Mapplethorpe: Look at the pictures - by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato is an examination of the life and work of the revered and controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Acquired from Dogwoof for for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics.

Operation Avalanche - the next film from Slamdance-anointed The Dirties filmmaker Matt Johnson. The film investigates the truth behind the CIA’s involvement in the space race. Named ”the most illegal movie ever”. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.
Acquired from XYZ for Scandinavia and Iceland.

Tickled! - the shocking Sundance documentary Co- directed by David Farrier & Dylan Reeve about a journalist who stumbles upon a “competitive endurance tickling” competition. As he delves deeper he comes up against fierce resistance, but that doesn’t stop him getting to the bottom of a story stranger than fiction. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Acquired from Magnolia for for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics.

Greasy Strangler - by Jim Hosking. Produced by Elijah Wood The Greasy Strangler is the tale of a father-son run disco walking tour that quickly turns into a competition when a sexy lady comes to join them. Meanwhile, a serial strangler stalks the streets at night and keeps everyone on their toes. Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Acquired from Protagonist for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics.  
NonStop Entertainment has also acquired Whit Stillman’s critically acclaimed Love & Friendship as a prebuy for Scandinavia, Iceland & the Baltics from Protagonist.